Watching Newcastle is better than sex, new survey reveals

Fans at St James's Park.
Fans at St James's Park.

One in five Newcastle fans have turned down sex to watch their team play instead, according a footy fan survey.

And even more Sunderland fans have shunned making love to their partner to watch a game of football.

A survey by revealed 20% of Magpies fans have sacrificed a sexual encounter to watch football, campared to 33% of Sunderland supporters. commissioned survey company OnePoll to talk to 1,000 Premiership fans who were either married or in long term committed relationships.

A spokesman for said: “We are a nation of football lovers and fans at some clubs are prepared to do whatever it takes to catch even the highlights of their team’s game on the box.

“If that means lying to their wife or husband or even turning down the offer of some fun in the bedroom, then so be it.”

Bournemouth fans were revealed as the most determined to watch their team – 69% said they would rather watch their team than make love to their spouse.

Only 15% of Liverpool fans, 26% of Everton supporters and 23% of Manchester United fans were willing to sacrifice a sexual encounter to watch the football.

But more than four in ten Manchester City fans, 44%, and more than a quarter of Arsenal supporters, 26%, said they would prefer to watch their team than make love.