‘We cannot afford to make the same mistakes’ - Rafa Benitez issues Newcastle United rallying call

Dwight Gayle
Dwight Gayle

Newcastle United cannot afford to repeat mistakes of the past, according to Rafa Benitez.

The Magpies boss has called on fans to stick by his team, no matter how they feel about results, or the style of play.

They know we cannot afford to make the same mistakes

And he has every faith they will do just that, especially given the turmoil of recent years on Tyneside.

“In any walk of life, especially football, you have different opinions,” he said ahead of tonight’s clash with Burton.

“The experience of Newcastle fans in last few years has not been amazing because they have not been doing well.

“The proof of that is that we are in the Championship. But they are clever, they know the mistakes of the past.

“They have criticised things, saying, we want this and we want that.

“But they know if they are behind the team, it helps to achieve things.

“You can criticise after this achievement.

“They know we cannot afford to make the same mistakes.”

Meanwhile, striker Dwight Gayle believes his injury woes are behind him as he aims to play a crucial role in ensuring Newcastle United win the Championship title.

“Hopefully now I have overcome it,” he said.

“Of course. You have to get it right.

“For me, personally, you go out there and forget about. It is not too much different.

“But if it goes it’s not the best but you just have to try your best out there.

“I want to play for the rest of the season and score more goals.”