'Good riddance!' Sunderland fans react after ex-Chelsea defender Papy Djilobodji is sacked

Papy Djilobodji.
Papy Djilobodji.

Sunderland intend to terminate the contract of Papy Djilobodji after releasing an explosive statement this lunchtime.

The move has been welcomed by most Sunderland fans, who are keen to see the back of the former Chelsea defender.

Here's how supporters reacted on social media.

@JD_Lovatt: Wondering whether #SAFC will take the same action with Ndong and sack him. Two big differences though: 1. They have proof that Djilobodji is unfit and therefore devalued, and 2. Ndong is worth a lot more

@waldron1994: Hopefully Ndong will be next out the door. #SAFC

@Seventy3Fanzine: To anyone still under the distorted impression that David Moyes is a good manager, I have two words for you: Papy Djilobodji. Nice one Dave

@BarryBr72940301: Average player at best. Who does he think he is ?

@JamieSAFC_: After this he'll never find a club to play for again.

@L0ZZYL: Wonder what N’Dong is thinking......... #SAFC

@timhardinguk: Well done @SunderlandAFC - hold them to account !

@JWHendry46: Good riddance to another one of Moyes' super signings. #SAFC

@HodgeSAFC: Big move by #SAFC in the era of player power.

@xW1LKS: Cya Diji, won't take long to forget you! #SAFC

Meanwhile on our Sunderland SAFC Facebook page

Joanandjohn Allan said: Broken his contact. Gone. Yeah

Ian F Dixon added: Can SAFC not reclaim the transfer fee from the man himself, it would serve him right?