Prospect of Sunderland rebuild doesn’t faze David Moyes

Sunderland manager David Moyes.
Sunderland manager David Moyes.

David Moyes says the prospect of rebuilding Sunderland this summer is a prospect that he is looking forward to.

The Black Cats boss has admitted that he will have to make a decision on his future in the summer as fan unrest escalates, the Black Cats facing having their relegation confirmed as soon as Saturday afternoon.

Nevertheless, he has continued to look to the challenge ahead and says there is likely to be a major turnover.

He said: I do. [look forward to it]

“Whether we are in the Premier League or the Championship, if we stayed in the Premier League we will be keeping a lot of players but then undoubtedly, there will be three loan players to go back, there are three or four players we signed on one-year deals and we’ll need to make decisions on those too.”

The Sunderland boss has praised the squad built by Saturday’s opponent Eddie Howe, who has spent ‘good’ but not ‘massive’ amounts of money.

The Black Cats boss thinks the pressure of the relegation scrap has harmed Sunderland’s recruitment in recent seasons and hopes to put that right in the summer.

He said: “When you build like, say, Bournemouth did when they were in the Championship, they were able to bring in young players from Spurs and other clubs and they take time to settle in.

“Here, whoever has come in has had to be at it right away.

“We need players for the future but we’ve also needed players for now.”

Sunderland have insisted throughout the season that halting high manager turnover is crucial to correcting mistakes in the transfer market and that remains a key tenent to their continued support for the beleaguered boss.

Moyes echoed that sentiment and stressed that the year he has had to assess the current squad and the problems at the club will be crucial.

He said: “I do feel as though I am one year down the line.

“I’ve seen what the situation is and I know what needs to be done.

“There are a lot of things that need to be changed, the recruitment needs to be looked at – it’s not just as simple as saying ‘that player and that player’.

“It can be to do with are they gettable? Can we afford them? Do they want to come? Are they the right characters to play for the club?

“If one of those categories falls down, then you can say OK we won’t take him.

“But there haven’t been that many players for us to pick from so we might be taking a player who falls short on one of those characteristics,” he added.

“What we really need is players who are robust, players who are going to play regularly – every week.

“This year we’ve had a few really bad injuries, and we need players who can play in a lot of the games.”