Sunderland players are ‘a shower’ blasts Man United legend

England coach Gary Neville  has slammed Sunderland's players
England coach Gary Neville has slammed Sunderland's players

Gary Neville has blasted the Sunderland players following the departure of head coach Dick Advocaat.

And the Sky Sports pundit has also questioned whether the Dutchman should have returned to the club after resigning just eight games into the season.

Neville was heavily critical of the squad Advocaat left behind, labelling them a “shower,” adding he didn’t think they are a good set of players.

Neville told Sky Sports: “Sunderland, year in, year out, we are in this position discussing what they are.

“A lot of the same players are there and they will come out over the next few weeks telling everyone they are buzzing again because the new manager has got them enthralled and enthused about playing football again.

“But they are a bit of a shower, I think.

“I watched them at Old Trafford and I don’t think they are a good set of players, full stop.

“The next manager will come in and they might get out of it, they might not.

“Who knows?”

The former Manchester United and England defender also questioned whether Advocaat should have returned to the Stadium of Light after keeping the club up last season.

When asked whether Advocaat’s heart was in the job at Sunderland, the England coach added: “I don’t think so.

“If his heart was in it he would have been absolutely intent on staying from the start.

“He wouldn’t have made the [original] decision, which he did, to not continue his contract.

“If you are at a club like Sunderland, or any Premier League club, and you are having to convince people to come back and work for you then you are always in a position where you are convincing people that aren’t that committed.

“You need committed people in any walk of life, not just football.”