Sunderland star Duncan Watmore in Barbados boat rescue

Duncan Watmore
Duncan Watmore

Sunderland star Duncan Watmore helped save the lives of three elderly passengers in a Barbados boat accident, a national newspaper has reported.

The Sun says the Black Cats winger and girlfriend Sophie were thrown overboard when a catamaran ploughed into the speedboat they were on during a fishing trip in Barbados.

But he managed to get the three clear of the water before the coastguard arrived, climbing on to the catamaran to help pull up the other tourists and using his t-shirt to stem the bleeding from one victim's leg.

The paper quotes one of the three passengers as saying: "It was scary, life or death. I’m lucky not to be coming back in a box.

"The catamaran was travelling at speed.

"We assumed it would see us and change course, but it then got closer.

"The next thing we knew it had ploughed straight through the boat.

"It broke the boat in half. Everyone was sent flying into the water."

"Duncan helped everybody to get on to the boat — he couldn’t have been nicer."

Watmore was been out of action since injuring his cruciate knee ligament against Leicester in December and has been ruled out for the rest of the season.

Watmore’s dad Ian, a former chief executive of the Football Association, told Sky Sports News HQ: “One [pensioner] had a hip replacement, one couldn’t swim and the other was over 80. It was real life or death.

“Duncan clambered up on the catamaran and the captain and he managed to get all the pensioners on board just as their boat sank.

“He takes after his mother clearly. We are very proud of him. He’s a wonderful lad. Thank God everyone was safe.”