Transcript of David Moyes interview on Ellis Short talks and his future

Martin Bain and David Moyes
Martin Bain and David Moyes

David Moyes’ Sunderland future has been the subject of frenzied speculation this week, but the manager strongly suggested this morning that he would stay in place for next season.

He confirmed that meetings had been held with Ellis Short and Martin Bain, who both want him to stay.

Ellis Short

Ellis Short

He has put forward his initial plans to the Chairman and Chief Executive, and they will reconvene at the end of the season.

The debate will not go away, but here in more detail is what the Black Cats boss told the Gazette.

Q: After a week to reflect, are you any closer to making a decision on your future and whether you’ll be here next season?

A: We’ve had an initial meeting, myself, Ellis and Martin. We’ve talked about many things, the past, this season, people’s contracts, the future, what we need to do. We’ve not got everything in place, it was just initial, we’ve been trying to stay in the Premier League. Even the short time we’ve had is not enough, so we’ve put some initial thoughts down, some ideas of what we think what it look likes to get the club back into the Premier League. I’m going to leave it with Ellis and Martin and then we’ll get together again at the end of the season.

Q: Is it fair to say there is still a decision to be made?

A: I’ve got a four year contract, so that tells you I’m here. The owner wants me to stay, Martin wants me to stay. What I’ve done is, I’ve gone away, I want to look at what I think that we can do to get quickly get back into the Premier League. I want to look to see what we can do, I’ve put my initial thoughts down, guides to what I think it will look like, and we’ll look at it again in a few weeks time.

Q: The sense is that you’ve put a plan forward and are waiting for backing from the chairman and the chief executive. Is that fair?

A: I’ve got the backing. We’re waiting to see if things can be carried out. We’ve not gone with the total full blueprint, but we’ve gone with the initial thoughts and plans. We’ve got other things to think about like the players who are out of contract.We are trying to come to terms with the whole thing. I’ve given the initial plan over what it looks like to come back to the Premier League. I’ve got some case studies which I have given to give an idea of what will be required [in terms of spending].

Q: Are you able to give us a sense of what those plans are yet?

A: No, I’d rather wait until the end because I want to wait and see the reaction to what we’ve put over. But the plan is to try and get a side that can bounce back immediately if we possibly can, that’s what we have to try to do. I have an idea what that would look like, and what that would take, and I’ve put some initial thoughts down for Ellis to look at and then we’ll get together again at the end of the season.