'Who will we get next?' Sunderland AFC fans react to manager Jack Ross' sacking

Sunderland fans have been having their say on the sacking of the club’s manager Jack Ross.

The Scotsman was brought from St Mirren in May 2018 on a two-year deal. He led the club to Wembley twice. The second occasion was the League One play-off final, but the Black Cats were beaten by Charlton Athletic.

Eleven games into this season Sunderland lie sixth in the league table, four points from an automatic promotion place. But matters had not improved.

With the club and its supporters desperate for promotion, Saturday’s poor 2-0 defeat at Lincoln City, was just too much and Ross was relieved of his duties.

Paul Forrest thought the sacking was necessary

There has been a mixed reaction among fans who spoke to the Echo.They weren’t all certain who should replace Ross.

Emily Robson doesn’t like how often her club changes its manager.

She said: “I’m not too happy about the news. But I know a lot of other fans have been calling for this for a few weeks now.

“We need to find one, stick with him and give him a few years. We know it’s a re-build job at the club to get us back to the Premier League where we should be.


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Keith Judd will support whoever the next manager is.

“But I do believe we’re capable of getting double promotion and getting back there. Hopefully we’ll get the right manager next time.”

Paul Forrest thought the sacking was necessary.

He said: “I think it was something that needed to happen. The majority of the fans were resigned to the fact that Jack Ross and his team and tactics weren’t working. There was a lot of negativity.


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“He never really had a set system. The only time we seemed to play decent football was in cup competitions when the pressure wasn’t on.

Emily Robson was unhappy with the sacking of Jack Ross.

“That’s what it all boiled down to. The pressures of getting results in League One were too much and often it involved negative tactics. As a result he’s been let go.”

Another lifelong fan, Paul Martin, was over from Australia.


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He said: “I’ve only been to the Wimbledon match in the last month. All my mates who are season ticket holders say the biggest thing for them was that we seemed to be playing frightened football.

“If we went ahead we were completely incapable of shutting the game down. But that’s what we inevitably tried to do.

Peter Allison was "over the moon" at Jack Ross' sacking.

“The first 45 minutes against Wimbledon was great. But then in the second half? How do you have a team-talk then come out and play worse?


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“Somebody mentioned Chris Hughton. But who’s about? There’s nobody about.”

Keith Judd said: “I’m never glad when a manager goes. The team’s been playing hit-and-miss and Saturday was terrible.

“Who will we get next? I couldn’t tell you. I’ll support the next manager when he comes along and I’ll support the team. Whoever the board decides is the best man for the job.”

Peter Allison, who runs the Roast Hut sandwich bar outside the stadium, was in no doubt.


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He said: “I’m over the moon. I’ve been a Sunderland fan all my life and I just thought he was the wrong manager; especially when we lost at Wembley twice and we didn’t go up.

Keith Wood said: "The Lincoln match really was the final straw."

“I don’t know who we’re going to get. I wouldn’t like to say. But somebody’s got to be better than him.

“I’m a season ticket holder and at the end it was draining watching Sunderland.”


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Keith Wood thought it was for the best too, but was sympathetic.

He said: “I feel sorry for the man really because he seems a decent enough bloke. But he just hasn’t impressed.

“His starting line-up has never been right. Neither has his use of substitutes or his tactics. The Lincoln match really was the final straw.

“If Big Sam was prepared to come back he would be the dream. It’s a shame that he left in the first place.


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“There’s plenty time to correct what’s gone wrong. We’ve got to get promotion this season.”