Alex Sneddon storms to victory in the Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League

Alex Sneddon
Alex Sneddon

Alex Sneddon stormed to an emphatic victory in the Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League meeting at Peterlee at the weekend.

In the senior women’s 7km handicap, in the fast pack conceding 3.20 minutes off scratch, Sneddon, from Jarrow and Hebburn AC, moved through the field of 302 to first position, recording 25:33 for the testing course at Thornley Hall Farm.

Gina Rutherford was second in 26:07 but was ineligible for the team after her transfer from North Shields.

Georgia Campbell, fasts, finished sixth in 27:35, with Stephanie Pattinson, fasts, eighth in 27:49 and Heather Robinson 27th in 32:57.

Jarrow were second team, four points behind Jesmond but retain their lead in Division Three.

Mairi Standaloft, from the medium pack conceding 1:40, was 11th in 30;08 as South Shields Harriers were fourth in Division One.

Angela Charlton was 17th in 32:18 with Kelly Beard-Foden 20th in 32:18 and Rachel Breneny, fasts, 31st in 29:55.

Claire O’Callaghan, mediums, was 36th in 31;54 with Fran Demble, mediums, 41st in 32:05 and Paula Atkinson, mediums, 44th in 32:14.

Carly Henderson was 47th in 33:59, with Jackie Murdy, mediums, 48th in 32:21 and Amy Bound 53rd in 34:16.

Angela Ditchburn was 55th in 34:39, with Melanie Cooke-Dunlop 58th in 34:53 and Gillian Nichol 74th in 36:24.

Michelle Robinson was 80th in 37:23, with Kirsty Stewart 91st in 39:03 and Sarah Bezuitenhout 97th in 40:32.

Lesly Downey was 105th in 43:03, with Victoria Borrell 111th in 46:06.

Katie Hamilton was 113th in 46:25, with Patricia White 115th in 49:27.

Gateshead were first with Shields behind third team Tyne Bridge.

Sarah Robson, from the Jarrow club, conceding 1:40 from the fast pack, improved into fourth with the fastest time of 13:52 in the Under15 girls’ two miles race.

Katie Wood, from the Shields club, was 19th from the fast pack in 15;07, with Rosie O’Brien 38th in 18:16.

Jarrow’s Jamie Reed finished fith from the fasts giving away 3:10 in the Under-17 boys’ 7km clocking the third fastest time of 23;50.

Shields’ Kieran Moffat ,fasts, was 27th in 28:26.

Shields’ Jessica Leslie and Nicole McIlvaney were sixth and eighth respectively for Gateshead in the Under-17 girls 5km event.

Leslie, conceding 1;40 from the fast pack, recorded the fifth fastest time of 19:11 with McIlvaney clocking 20:38 on the winning team.

Shields’ Rebecca Harrison was 13th in the Under-11 girls’ 3km in 9:55.

Jarrow’s Matthew Appleby was 31st in the Under-15 boys’ two miles in 14:41, with Shields’ Max Tyrie 43rd in 17:48.

Matthew Atkinson was 47th in the Under-11 boys’ 3km in 10:34, with Isaac Borrell 65th in 12:21.

Benjamin Weston finished 60th in the Under-13 boys’ 4km in 17:28.

Jarrow’s Andy Burn cut through the field of 450 into 10th off scratch conceding 5;00 with the second fastest time of 33:57 in the senior men’s 10km handicap.

Brendan McMillan ,fast,s was fifth in 35;23 with Jonny Evans, fasts, 12th in 36;32 and Ian Salkeld 16th in 41:57 and Nick Atkinson ,fasts, 47th in 39:35.

Paul Simpson was 60th in 45;19, with Malcolm Leece 63rd in 45:38 and Geoff Robinson 83rd in 49:15.

Jarrow were first team from Blackhill, Consett in Division Two.

Dan Josephs was 20th for Shields with 39:43 from the mediums.

Kyle Hughes was 23rd in 42:38 with Paul Owen 24th in 42:39 and David Wakefield, fasts, 27th in 37:56.

Mark Hodgson, fasts, was 36th in 38:45 with Miles Weston 49th in 44:40 and Mark Wilson, mediums, 61st in 42:54.

Paul Stewart, fast,s was 62nd in 40;31, with Mark Wood 65th in 45:56 and Paul Doxford 73rd in 46:28.

Dan Cooke was 80th in 48:34, with Grant Bezuitnenhout 82nd in 49:14 and Scott Nichol 92nd in 50:30.

Jeff McGurty was 93rd in 50:31, with Neil Yorston 95th in 50:35 and Bob Webster 101st in 52:35.

Shields finished fifth ahead of Birtley.