Blueye 2 lands 20lb cod off North-East coast

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The mackerel arrived in decent numbers last weekend.

South Shields pier and Roker pier saw plenty of fish taken on Daylites as well as spinners, the sea lifted on Sunday and they disapeared for a couple of days.

The best cod so far this season weighed 19lb 10oz and was caught by David Brown

Angling correspondentTerry Wood

However, they have returned and should show in very good numbers from now until at least the end of August.

Bait rods have caught mainly coalies, plaice and one or two codling also.

Boats continue to catch plenty of fish from the inshore marks, as well as the offshore wrecks, where cod to just under 20lb have been taken over the last week.

The Blueye 2 has had some terriffic catches with the best cod reported to date this season, which weighed 19lb 10oz, and was caught by David Brown.

Plenty of other decent fish taken, including ling to 15lb and loads of mackerel, the Saphire had nine anglers out last saturday and took over 90 cod from 3lb to 12lb as well as ling between 10lb and 13lb and 100s of mackerel. Baits were fresh mackerel and squid baited hokais and shads on long flowing traces.

A great fishing this week at Sharpley Springs, Glen Appleby returned 18 fish and George Craig returned 14 caught using Buzzers .

Howard Robison released 21 fish, however,, the biggest bag of the week was caught by John Shema from Ryhope, with 24 fish caught with a foam beetle.

Edd Dunbar from Washington released a 10-pounder from a bag of 12 trout.

Paul Robe released a 9lb 8oz rainbow caught on the Doxford lake using a Zonker.

Great fishing, especially given cloud, when free risers were targeted with CDC dries and Shipmans buzzers.

Most spoonings this week revealed tiny, olive buzzers, so it was no surprise that small green and hares ear emergers (foam-heads in particular) were successful.

Size 16 and 18 nymphs, like pheasant tails, were deadly fished on the washing line also.

Sunny afternoons had Daphnia on the menu – so it was out with the Orange lures!

Evenings still had Caenis hatches, in addition, sedges are now very much of interest.

Muddlers and CDC adults brought up fish out of the blue and a pulled Invicta was as efficient as usual. Fly box: Olive buzzer, Hares ear emerger, GRHE nymph pheasant tail nymph, Olive shuttlecock Hares ear shipman’s, Caenis dun/spinner, sedges, Muddlers, Invicta, Damsel nymph and Squirmies in pink or orange.

Conditions have been much improved this week at Thrunton Crag with some cloud cover and lighter breezes.

Anglers have had some excellent top of the water sport and with plenty of fly life on the water the evening rises have again been very good.

During the brighter periods of the day anglers have been fishing deeper in search of trout. Fly Box- Daddies, PTN’s, Buzzers, CDC’s, sedges, diawl bachs, bibios, Shipmans, nymphs, some lures and black beetles.