Jarrow and Hebburn AC resounding team winners in the Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League meeting

Alex Sneddon.
Alex Sneddon.

Stephanie Pattinson finished fourth and Alex Sneddon reeled off the third fastest time as Jarrow and Hebburn AC were resounding team winners in the Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League meeting at the weekend.

North Shields’ Steph Dann was first at Druridge Bay on Sunday with 26:42 for the four miles, with Alyson Dixon, of Sunderland Strollers, conceding 3.20 minutes from the fast pack, improving through the field of 398 into second in the fastest time of 24:16.

Pattinson, from the medium pack giving away 1:40, recorded 26:16, with Sneddon moving up to fourth from the fasts in 24:59.

Georgia Campbell, fasts, was eighth in 25:30 with Elaine Leslie, also fasts, ninth in 27:28.

Alison Slowther was 29th in 34:13, with Tracey Emmett 45th in 38:50 as Jarrow finished 60 points clear of Ponteland in Division Three.

With last week’s winners Jesmond only sixth, Jarrow have established a lead of four points with another four meetings remaining.

South Shields Harriers were a creditable sixth in Division One with Claire O’Callaghan 14th in 29:44. Fran Demble was 23rd in 30:15 with Marie Standaloft, mediums, 25th in 28:38 and Kelly Beard-Folen 38th in 30:39.

Rachel Hawdon was 39th in 30:50, with Angela Charlton 49th in 31:27 and Helen Williams 52nd in 31:22 and Amy Bound 55th in 31:37.

Fiona Carmody was 57th in 31:40 with Rachel Breheny, fasts, 67th in 28:48 and Melanie Cooke-Dunlop 74th in 32:24.

Paula Atkinson, mediums, was 75th in 30:46 with Katherine Stewart 76th in 32:27 and Sarah Swales, mediums, 89th in 31:22 and Yvonne Barclay 90th in 33:14.

Alison Heilbron was 97th in 33:37, with Ashley Day 104th in 34:10 and Claire Bodak 105th in 4:17. Melinda Hamilton was 113th in 34:40 with Penny O’Shea 115th in 34:48 and Susan Burgess 117th in 35:07 and Chloe Smith 118th in 35:07.

Melissa Cain was 122nd in 35:15 with Michelle Robinson 141st in 36:45 and Clare Stoker 144th in 37:07.

Reni Stephenson was 149th in 39:05 with Sarah Bezuidehout 155th in 40:10 and Kate Bull 157th in 41:05.

Helen Prudham was 158th in 41:08 with Lindsey McDonald 162nd in 41:58 and Katie Hamilton 174th in 43:06.

Patricia White was 176th in 43:34 with Victoria Borrell 180th in 47:06 and Amy Hardy 184th in 58:25. Franki Salter, from the Shields club, finished sixth in the under-20 women’s four miles with the fourth fastest time of 21:26 conceding 2:20 from the fast pack.

Ellen White was seventh in 26:25 with Summer Gatens eighth in 27:04 as the team were sixth.

Nicole McIlvaney was eighth in the under-17 girls’ 5km in 21:03 with Shields’ Jessica Leslie 12th for Gateshead in 20:17 from the medium pack conceding 1:10.

Sarah Lipscombe, from the Jarrow club, was 14th in 21:36 with Emily Jones 24th in 23:06.

James Martin was seventh in the under-17 boys’ 5km in 18:40 with Conal Tuffnell conceding 1:40 from the fast pack moving up to 11th in the fastest time of 16:49.

Jack Brown, fasts, was 27th in 18:26 with Shields’ Kieran Moffat, fasts, 34th in 19:37. Jarrow were third team.

Shields’ Katie Wood finished seventh in the under-15 girls’ two miles in 14:44.

Jarrow’s Sophie Robson, from the fast pack conceding 1:40, was eighth with the second fastest time of 13:01.

Kate Emmett was 17th in 15:25 with Bethany Chapman, fasts, 25th in 14:14 and Hannah Holman, fasts, 29th in 14:22.

Shields’ Ellis McDougall was 30th in 16:09 with Jarrow’s Jessica Holman, fasts, 35th in 14:58.

Shields’ Rosie O’Brien was 46th in 18:52 with Emily Walker 47th in 20:21.

Shields’ Daniel Waugh finished fifth in the under-13 boys’.

Shields’ Joe Hamilton was 11th in the under-15 boys’ two miles in 13:04 with Max Tyrie 59th in 16:32.

Issac Borrell finished 21st in the under-11 boys 1km in 6:21 with Alexander Weston 47th in 6:41 and Matthew Atkinson 48th in 6:41. Amy Stewart was 27th in the under-11 girls’ 1km in 6:53 with Rebecca Harrison 28th in 6:53.

Shields finished third in the senior men’s six miles handicap in Division Two.

Mark Wilson was sixth in 38:52 with George Arthur 13th in 39:12 and Mark Hodgson from the medium pack conceding 2:30 16th in 36:51.

Kyle Hughes was 25th in 39:56 with Paul Owen 65th in 40:33 and Colin Robson 74th in 40:59.

David Wakefield, from the fast pack giving away 5:00, was 76th in 36:01, with Miles Weston 84th in 41:24 and Nick Atkinson, fasts, 102nd in 36:50.

Mark Wood was 110th in 42:20 with Andrew Walker 117th in 42:54 and Aaron Day 125th in 43:45.

Andy Burn, fasts, improved through the field of 584 into seventh in 34:00 as Jarrow were eighth in Division Two.

Jon Gilroy, mediums, was 21st in 37:05 with James Ford 46th in 39:57 and Kevin Emmett, mediums 60th in 37:42.