Jarrow and Hebburn AC’s Andy Burn storms to the fastest time in Sunderland Harriers’ Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League meeting

Andy Burn
Andy Burn

Andy Burn, from Jarrow and Hebburn AC, produced a scintillating performance storming to the fastest time of the day in Sunderland Harriers’ Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League meeting.

In the senior men’s 10km handicap over the Herrington Country Park course at the weekend, Burn, from the fast pack off scratch conceding five minutes, carved his way through the field of 531 into fourth position in 32:17, 63 seconds ahead of the second fastest runner, Morpeth’s Ian Harding.

Ian Salkeld was eighth for Jarrow in 39:10, with Brendan McMillen, also fasts, 15th in 34:42 and Jonathan Gilroy, from the medium pack off 2.30, 19th in 37:46.

Kevin Emmett, mediums, was 38th in 38:47 with Paul Simpson 71st in 43:10 and Nick Atkinson, fasts, 77th in 38:02.

Patrick McShane was 114th in 45:28, with Geoff Robinson 131st in 46:45 and Darren Parks 134th in 47:03.

Frank Devlin was 143rd in 47:56, with Andrew Hudson 171st in 53:25 and Barry Pascoe 177th in 58:46.

Jarrow finished second team in Division Two only a point behind North Shields.

South Shields Harriers finished 10th with Kyle Hughes, in 26th with 41:17, their first counter.

Miles Weston was 47th in 42:04 with Paul Owen 63rd in 42:41 and Paul Doxford 84th in 43:41.

Andrew Walker was 95th in 44:09, with Mark Wood 96th in 44:08 and Mark Wilson, mediums, 108th in 42:26.

Paul Emmerson was 109th in 45:11 with Mark Hodgson, fasts, 111th in 40:02 and Aaron Nicholls 121st in 46:16.

Colin Robson was 122nd in 46:17 with Dan Cooke 132nd in 46:49 and Lee Stoker 136th in 47:18.

Neil Yorston was 139th in 47:37, with Tom Davies 140th in 47:45 and Lee Hetheerington 144th in 48:03.

Danny Ford was 148th in 48:47, with Jeff McGurty 155th in 49:28 and Bob Webster 158th in 50:03.

Sophie Robson, from the Jarrow club, finished a tremendous second in the Under-15 girls’ 4km.

Conceding 1.40 in the 4km event, Robson improved to 15 seconds behind Morpeth’s Holly Peck with 15:09.

Hannah Holman, fasts was 27th in 17:13, with her twin sister, Jessica, fasts, 28th in 17:22 and Bethany Chapman, fasts, 31st in 17:46.

Rosie O’Brien, from the Shields club, was 38th in 20:14, with Katie Wood, fasts, 39th in 18:48.

Jarrow’s Jamie Reed finished fifth in the Under-17 boys’ 4km with the fastest time of 14:44, off scratch conceding 1.40.

Jack Brown, fasts, was 12th in 15:26, with Conal Tufnell, fasts, 29th in 18:03 as Jarrow were third team.

Emily Jones was 11th in the Under-17 girls’ 5km in 20:02, with Shields’ Ellen White 10th in the Under-20 women’s 5km in 23:41.

Rebecca Harrison finished 18th in the Under-11 girls’ mile race in 7:37, with Amy Stewart 27th in 7:58 and Alex Connor 33rd in 8:08.

Ryan Stewart was 31st in the Under-13 boys’ two miles in 17:10, with Jarrow’s Lily Jary 63rd in the Under-13 girls’ two miles in 22;09 and Shields’ Matthew Atkinson was 78th in the Under-11 boys’ mile in 8:36.

Shields finished an excellent third in the senior women’s Division One contest.

Angela Charlton finished seventh with 31:45 in the 7km handicap, with Kelly Beard-Foden 14th in 32:04 and Angela Ditchburn 20th in 32:29.

Fran Demble, from the medium pack conceding 2.00, was 27th in 30:54 with Paula Atkinson, mediums, 31st in 31:05 and Claire O’Callaghan, mediums, 37th in 31:05.

Amy Bound was 44th in 33:41, with Jackie Murdy, mediums, fifth in 31:46 and Rachel Hawdon 52nd in 33:51.

Melanie Cooke-Dunlop was 54th in 33:54, with Rachel Breheny, fasts, conceding 4:00, 55th in 30:06.

Yvonne Barclay was 58th in 34:03, with Linda Bone, mediums 68th in 32:29 and Kim Lancaster 69th in 34:37 and Claire Bodak 82nd in 37:21.

Susan Burgess was 89th in 38:15, with Melissa Cain 90th in 38:27 and Clare Stoker 96th in 38:53.

Charlotte Williamson was 102nd in 39:44, with Reni Stephenson 112th in 39:59 and Lesly Downey 120th in 40:36.

Katie Hamilton was 133rd in 46:26, with Jemma Amin 137th in 47:40 and Kate Bull 139th in 49:13.

Victoria Borrell was 140th in 49:15, with Leanne Defty 141st in 49:21.

Tyne Brige were first with Shields only six points behind North Shields in second.

Gina Rutherford, off the back mark conceding 4:00, cut through the field of 341 into seventh in the fourth fastest time of 26:49.

Elaine Leslie, also fasts, was ninth in 27:47 with Heather Robinson, mediums, 29th in 31:13 but a depleted Jarrow team, missing several of their best counters, were relegated back to 21st in Division Three.