Lee Mould vows to come back stronger after break

Lee Mould.
Lee Mould.

Lee Mould will have to wait to join stablemate and friend Anthony Nelson as an English champion.

But don’t write off the Sunderland fighter after just one defeat.

Mould lost a fiercely-fought trench war with Adam Little in Blackpool for the vacant English welterweight title on Saturday night.

Home favourite Little was a unanimous winner of the judges and deservedly so, the boxer from Kirkham, just down the road from the seaside resort, earned his prize.

But the scorelines of Phil Edwards (98-93), Dave Parris (97-94) and Steve Gray (99-92) only tell part of the story.

Yes, Little won, but it takes two boxers to make a fight and Mould deserves a medal the size of a bin lid for his contribution to a contest which thrilled a packed Hilton Hotel.

Mould was good but, on the night, Little had that little bit extra.

But “Lightning Lee” will be back. The moniker “Mackem Mexican” emblazoned on his red shorts is well-earned, for he fought every inch of the way.

It was an amazing fight.

This was no Sugar Ray Leonard exhibition of boxing - the two combatants barely moved a millimetre from their positions over the entirity of the 10 rounds.

It was violent struggle between fighter and boxer, Mould piling on the pressure by pounding away at Little who defended resolutely and then let go with both hands to the head of the Wearsider.

While this reporter marked it as 98-94 to LIttle, some of the rounds were incredibly difficult to score.

In my view, rounds one, two, six and 10 were clearly Little’s sessions and five and seven belonged to Mould.

But the other four rounds were almost an impossible task to separate the warriors.

Only the scorecard of Mr Gray - he gave only one round to Mould and a share of another - looked off the mark, but it’s hard to criticise the Fleetwood official because it was such a hard bout to score.

“I thought I’d done enough and nicked it by one or two rounds,” said Mould.

“But there are no complaints from me.

“I think the tactics were right, if I’d have stood off him, he’d have boxed my head off.

“I knew I had to be close, it was just a case of getting my head down and lashing into him, it might not sound like sweet boxing but that’s how it had to be.

“He had arms like a monkey, they must have been trailing across the ring, I want them measured!

“If I hadn’t got in so close, he’d have used those arms and out-boxed me.”

Mould took his first career defeat like a man and earned tremendous respect from the crowd.

The 25-year-old will keep fighting and keep entertaining.

“I love being in fights like that, win or lose, I am a fighter,” he said. “I’ll come back from this.

“I didn’t come here to lie down, I came to win and it didn’t go our way this time.

“I have no doubt in my mind that I can beat him on another day.”

You suspect the promoters may wish to employ Mould again the next time they run a show in Blackpool and the Wearside support made a full and voluable contribution to the atmosphere.

“They were mint,” Mould said of his fans.

“It seems to be getting bigger and bigger every fight.

“Even though I’ve been beaten I think they’ll stay with me.

“That fight with Dixon was an absolute war, so they are getting their money’s worth.”