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Franki Salter
Franki Salter

Paula Atkinson, from the home club, finished clear of her rivals in the South Shields Park Run at the weekend.

Atkinson, from South Shields Harriers, was 22nd overall. Howe finished 24 seconds behind with Hannah Holman, aged 15, from Jarrow and Hebburn, third in 22:48.

Franki Salter, 16, from the Shields club, was fourth in 22:48, with Angela Charton fifth in 22:53 and Jarrow’s Jessica Holman, 15, sixth in 23:08.

Kate Emmett, 12, was seventh in 24:35, with Shields’ Chloe Smith eighth in 24:35 and Donna Heron ninth in 26:14.

Clare Stoker was 15th in 27:15, with Jackie Heads 17th in 27:41 and Lesley Downey 20th in 27:50 and second over 55.

Michelle Loftus was 31st in 30:40 and third over 50, with Patricia White 33rd in 31:15 and first over 60 and Jarrow’s Susan McNally 34th in 31:16.

Shields’ Libby Stoker, 15, was 42nd in 34:12, with Amardeep Sudan 53rd in 46:56 and second over 55.

Former Shields member, Nick Joyce, the winner of the first ever race two years ago at Tyne Bridge AC, was first in 18:00, from Jarrow’s Kevin Emmett in 18:35.

Ian Salkeld was seventh in 19:20 and first over 40, with Shields’ Jay Bowley eighth in 19:25 and second over 40.

Jarrow’s Michael McNally was 15th in 21:25 and second over 50, with Shields’ Craig Tomlinson 16th in 21:27 and third over 40.

Jarrow’s Andrew Hudson was 43rd in 35:39, with Shields’ Gary Kinghorn 47th in 25:14 and fourth over 50 and Darren Lough 62nd in 26:51 and fourth over 45.

Shaun Kinghorn was 64th in 27:20 and second over 55, with Eddie Patterson 75th in 28:07 and Neil Reay 77th in 28:37 and fifth over 50.

James Lowrie was 78th in 28:42, with Kenneth Henderson 79th in 29:27 and second over 70.

Ken McDonald was 84th in 30:38 and third over 70, with Jarrow’s Chris Holman 90th in 31:04 and Shields’ Bill Humphrey 91st in 31:09 and Owen McGarrell 97th in 34:40 and third over 55.

Shields’ Mike Jones was 10th in the Sunderland Park Run.

Jones was first over 50, with 19:33 for the 5km on the paths in the Silksworth Sports Centre. Jarrow’s Joe Prudham was 92nd.

in 27:04 and first over 80, with Shields’ Dave Whitmore first over 75 in 52:47.

Former Jarrow junior, Ross Anderson, now at Alnwick AC, finished second in the Gateshead Park Run.

Blaydon’s Matthew Alderson was first with 17:22 for the 5km in Saltwell Park with Anderson six seconds behind.