Rosie D defeat C team for derby win in Marsden Monday Night Darts League

Alan Slight'Thorney Close Darts League
Alan Slight'Thorney Close Darts League

Marsden Monday Night Darts League

In the Rosie derby, the D team hosted the C team and ran out convincing 15-3 winners.

They enjoyed wins from starman Matty Booth (180), Shaun Galloway, Steve Galloway won three and Michael Edgerton won two.

George Slight won twice for the C team and starman Jess Pallister won once.

Lambton Ladies made the visit to the Lake and were beaten 11-7 by their hosts, who had starman Andy Hood winning three, as did Dougie Brydon, while Davey Hood and Paul Scrimgour both bagged barces.

Lambton’s star player was Caz Dorothy with three wins, Michelle Smith and Pam Mullen won once each.

Prince Edward B were hosts to the Jolly E and were beaten 14-4.

Starman for the Prince was Jeff Smith who bagged a brace along with Tommy Copp.

Jolly’s starman was Keith Ledger with four wins, while Davey Pearson and Steve Martin won three a-piece and Ronnie Jay has two.

In the Jolly derby between the B and C team, it was the B team who narrowly won 10-8 thanks to three wins from Chris Bolam.

Ian Cameron, Dan Scott and Jeff Daglish also won two each for the B.

The C team’s points came from Denny Tennent, Lee Smith, Neil Tate with two wins and Tess Charlesworth with one.

Jolly A continued their move up the table with a 14-4 win over the Cleadon Club B, with wins from Iain Stewart (180 and 4), Alan Dent, Ernie Dent and Kyle Burns who won three each.

Starman for the Club was Micky Byrne with two wins, while John Prendergast and Pam Bell won once each.

Rosie B hosted the Last Orders and ran out 14-4 winners thanks to three wins each from Andy Nellist, Joe Holmes, Jon Learmount and Ray Connor,

Star player for the Orders was Meg Cullen with three wins and Colin Umpleby with one win.

Last Orders A were at home to the Rosie A and were comfortable 15-3 victors thanks to four wins from Steve Turner (130 checkout), Stu McHaffie, Tommy White and John Turner, who all won three each.

Star player for the Rosie was Edie Cook with one win and Ian Robson who won twice.

Rosie E hosted the Jolly D and were 14-4 winners with starman Scott McParlin and Alan Slight winning four each.

Annmarie Potts had three victories and Mark Newsome bagged a brace.

Jolly’s points came from starman Kenny Gunn, Chris Williams and Phil Todd all winning once.

Could all teams no note that games versus the Jester will now be a bye.