Taylor claims win

Greame Taylor prevailed holding off his former Jarrow team-mate George Lowry in the Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League meeting at Druridge Bay Hall on Saturday.

The pair were the early breakaway leaders over the 10km course, but Taylor, who moved to Morpeth AC, opened up a winning lead of 15 seconds in 35:15, with Lowry second in 35:30.

Paul Simpson was 24th for Jarrow in 42:43, with Brendan McMillan 27th in 38:05 from the fast pack conceding five minutes.

Jonathan Gilroy finished 31st in 40:52 from the medium pack, giving away 2.30, with Alan Ball 52nd in 44:18 and Ian Salkeld, mediums, 59th in 42:02.

Jonny Evans, fasts, was 65th in 39:56, with Kevin Emmett, fasts, 96th in 41:36 and Lee Gifford, fasts, 97th in 41:42.

Darren Parks was 106th in 47:42, with Lindsay Stutchbury 111th in 48:27.

Mike Thornton was 125th in 50:27, with Barry Pascoe 147th in the field of 537 in 58:41.

Jarrow finished fifth in Division Two.

Ian Atkinson was 14th for South Shields Harriers in 42:15, with Paul Bainbridge 19th in 42:43 and Mark Wilson, mediums, 29th in 40:35.

Mark Wood was 30th in 42:32, with Miles Weston 40th in 43:37 and Richard Nettleton 50th in 44:02.

David Wakefield, fasts, was 52nd in 39:18, with Jamie Ward 56th in 44:25 and Paul Doxford 67th in 45:12.

Mike Welford was 75th in 45:24, with Mike Jones, mediums, 79th in 42:55 and Neil Yorston 81st in 45:37.

Kevin Ayre was 89th in 45:58, Andy Morris was 90th in 46:03, with Peter Walker 93rd in 46:29 and Tom Davies 116th in 48:52.

Ian Stephenson was 117th in 49:12, with Scott Nichol 20th in 49;17 and Ian Anderson 127th in 50:33.

Brian Henderson was 135th in 52:59 with Tony Walker 137th in 52:49.

Ed Wilson was 145th in 53:30, with Bill Humphrey 191st in 63:24.

Shields finished fourth in Division Two and remain in a promotion position with Birtley and Elswick.

Jarrow’s Jack Brown was an excellent second in the under 17 boys 7km in 19:20 as English Schools 1500m champion Max Pearson, of Tynedale, overhauled the field off scratch conceding 3:00 to win in 17:45.

Jarrow’s Ben Smith was fourth in 19:3 with, Conal Tuffnel 20th in 22:40, as Jarrow were the fourth team.

Shields’ Kieran Moffat, conceding 3:00, was 22nd in 20:06.

Amelia Leslie, in the Shields colours after moving from the Jarrow club, finished a prominent 12th, with the sixth-fastest time of 18:50 conceding 3:00 in the under 17 girls 6km.

Franki Salter, also from the fast pack, was 14th in 19:25.

Jarrow’s Hannah Holman was sixth in the under 15 girls two miles in 13:32, with Jessica Holman seventh in 13:33.

Sophie Robson, conceding 1;40 from the fast pack, was 15th in the seventh fastest time of 12:38, with Shana McCauley 37th in 15:33 and Emily Sinton 40th in 15:31.

Shields’ Nicole McIlvaney finished 49th from the fast pack in 14:21, with Jarrow’s Holly Smith 59th in 16:36. Jarrow were third team.

Jarrow’s Joe Martin was 20th in the under 11 boys 1km race in 5:23, with Shields’ Ben Weston 25th in 5:40 and Aaron Robinson 33rd in 5:52.

Rebecca Harrison was 25th in the under 11 girls 1km in 6:18, with Heather Robinson 29th in 6:27.

Katie Wood, conceding 1:40 in the under 13 girls two miles, finished 18th in 13:27 with Jarrow’s Caitlin Robertson 48th in 17:19.

James Martin was 22nd in the under 15 boys two miles in the fifth fastest time of 11:02 conceding 1:40.

Jarrow’s Stephanie Pattinson was an impressive second in the senior women’s 8km in 25:16 with Elswick’s Justina Heslop first in 22:40.

Heather Robinson was 14th from the medium pack conceding 2:00, with Elaine Leslie improving through the field of 331 off scratch conceding 4:00 in 26:05.

An incomplete Jarrow team were given 10th in Division Two.

Georgia Campbell, conceding 4:00, moved through to eighth in the second fastest time of 24:02 as Shields were seventh team in Division One.

Jacky Murdy was 18th in 28:27 with Rachel Breheney, mediums, 41st in 27:30, and Linda Bone, mediums, 54th in 27:59.

Gillian Nichol was 60th in 30:09, with Hayley Scott, mediums, 66th in 28:22 and Carly Henderson, mediums, 67th in 28:27.

Claire O’Callaghan, mediums, was 84th in 29:10, with Allison Bone 89th in 31:24 and Amy Bound, mediums, 97th in 29:44.

Jeanette Hewitson was 115th in 33:19, with Yvonne Barclay 130th in 34:30 and Claire Bodak 133rd in 34:46.

Amanda Wilson was 137th in 35:33, with Lesley Downey 139th in 35:45 and Patricia White 156th in 39:47.