Photographer snaps wildlife wonders on our doorstep

SNAP-HAPPY photographer Dougie Holden has taken a walk on the wild side for his latest photoshoot.

The photographer captured these images of our feathery friends and a happy little seal in and around South Tyneside.

South Tyneside photographer Dougie Holden snapped these pictures of local wildlife.

South Tyneside photographer Dougie Holden snapped these pictures of local wildlife.

The keen birdwatcher, of Garth Crescent, South Shields, is hoping others will keep an eye out for the creatures.

The 52-year-old said: “First of all, we have our birds – redwing, fieldfare and waxwing.

“These species are all classic winter visitors to our shores, arriving in late autumn and staying on until early spring. They all share a passion for berries such as hawthorn and rowan, and lots of them. They can devour huge amounts in a very short space of time.

“Favoured feeding areas for redwing and fieldfare include the hedgerows and open country around Boldon Flats and Cleadon Hills, whilst small flocks of waxwing can turn up just about anywhere with a good crop of berries – even people’s gardens.

“One local hotspot for them is Saxon Way, in Jarrow.”

Mr Holden, is chairman of the Coastal Conservation Group (CCG).

He added: “Moving towards the coast, snow buntings, which are also winter visitors, can often be seen feeding on grass seeds anywhere between the pier and Whitburn, with regular sightings being made on the footpath close to the Frenchman’s and Manhaven Bay areas of The Leas.

“Our sea life is also worth mentioning. One or two Grey Seals from the breeding colony on The Farne Islands sometimes make an appearance, so it’s well worth using binoculars to scan the rocks in and around some of the quieter bays as these beautiful mammals often haul out and rest there.”

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