Album review: Asking Alexandria - From Death To Destiny

ASKING ALEXANDRIA ... From Death to Destiny (Sumerian).
ASKING ALEXANDRIA ... From Death to Destiny (Sumerian).

IF you think you’ve heard Dont Pray for Me, the opening track to this York band’s fifth album before, it’s because you essentially have.

After a pointless string intro, the song follows a familiar pattern of riffs and steadily building kickdrums before launching into its full-throttle main body.

There’s even a token “ROARRRRRRR!” to top it all off.

It’s the same routine Metallica mastered nearly 30 years ago, and has been one of metal’s most cliched fallbacks ever since; hardly a riveting note on which to unleash a record in 2013.

In fairness, things occasionally pick up thereafter, with catchy numbers such as Killing You playing far more to the quintet’s strengths.

The vast majority, however, comprises the type of breakdown-heavy, clean/harsh singing dross that gives metalcore - and mainstream names like Asking Alexandria especially - a bad name. 4/10. AW