ALBUM REVIEW: Gengahr - A Dream Outside

Gengahr ... A Dream Outside (Transgressive Records).
Gengahr ... A Dream Outside (Transgressive Records).

This London quartet are tipped to be one of the breakthrough bands of the summer - though whether their impact will reverberate any further is decidedly less clear.

In many ways, they’re a symptom of a post-MGMT cycle, whereby every festival season is greeted by a deluge of new psyche bands, each with increasingly tenuous links to the label.

A Dream Outside is encapsulated by the single Heroin, a tuneful and perfectly passable fuzz nugget, yet one which could be mistaken for any number of similar acts who’ve emerged in recent times.

Taken on its own merits, it’s a consistently pleasant, if rather inconsequential debut offering.

That’s fine; but if they aspire to any kind of longevity, they can begin by attempting to forge a sound - or at the very least an identity - that’s recognisable as their own. 6/10. AW