Album review: Hadouken! - Every Weekend

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YOU know something’s wrong when the best thing there is to say about this London quintet’s third album is that it’s not quite as bad as its predecessor.

That record, 2010’s For The Masses, was a horrid mash-up of rave and grime which pushed the boundaries of taste, and in the case of its lyrics, decency.

Thankfully, Every Weekend marks a distinct change, with the group instead adopting a throbbing drum and bass template a la Pendulum and latter-day Prodigy.

Aside from the odd bright spot like Parasite, however, the execution remains utterly atrocious, be it through the senseless brostep splurges or laughable comic-book aggression.

It’ll probably be invigorating if your body’s stuffed with suspicious substances, but in any other situation it feels like getting your head bashed in.

3/10. AW