ALBUM REVIEW: Hot Chip - Why Make Sense?

Hot Chip ... Why Make Sense? (Domino Recordings)
Hot Chip ... Why Make Sense? (Domino Recordings)

A classic album may thus far have eluded them, yet since forming in 2000 Oxford’s electro brainboxes have established themselves among Britain’s most reliable contemporary outfits.

In that sense, album number six is very much business as usual, bearing a sound that’s still fresh and beguiling despite scant alterations.

The quirks are intact - terrific opener Huarache Light, for instance, is about a pair of limited edition Nike trainers - but these 10 tracks show they’re also capable of striking a far deeper note - witness the emotive soul samples of Need It Now.

There aren’t any blatant smashes a la Over and Over or Ready For the Floor, though as a body of work, Why Make Sense? might be the most rounded and accomplished they’ve yet produced. 7/10. AW