ALBUM REVIEW: Idlewild - Everything Ever Written

IDLEWILD ... Everything Ever Written (Empty Words).
IDLEWILD ... Everything Ever Written (Empty Words).

WITH the one-two punch of 100 Broken Windows and The Remote Part, these Scots began the ‘00s as one of Britain’s most vital rock acts.

Sadly, the intervening years have found them toiling to rekindle that spark - something a lengthy hiatus has done little to aid, if their seventh LP is anything to go by.

In fairness, little attempt is made to replicate the raucous energy of those early records, with this collection sticking largely to more mid-tempo, country-tinged sounds.

It’s pleasant enough for the most part, yet there are moments when this feted “maturity” can manifest in middle-of-the-road mundanity, while some might also be irked by a noticeable shift in Roddy Woombles’ vocal tone.

It’s not a disastrous comeback by any means, but it’s difficult to see many returning once the novel sheen has subsided. 6/10. AW