ALBUM REVIEW: Indiana - No Romeo

INDIANA ... No Romeo (Epic)
INDIANA ... No Romeo (Epic)

LAUREN Henson hit the UK top 20 last April with her single Solo Dancing, yet saw this debut album postponed when it’s follow-up, Heart on Fire, didn’t fare so well.

In fairness, regardless of timing, it’s difficult to envisage No Romeo ever truly taking off.

For one, its sonic pallet is governed by restraint, and thus is completely against the grain of today’s brash pop elite, all while lacking the instant hooks which mark out anomalies such as Lorde.

That said, it’s certainly not a record which deserves to be dismissed, with the 27-year-old’s poised vocals impressing amid tasteful mid-tempo electronic pop, complete with occasional and necessary changes in pace.

It can tread a precarious line between edgy and easy listening, but the singer’s charisma and versatility ensure it just about falls on the right side of that divide. 7/10. AW