Album review: James Arthur - James Arthur

JAMES ARTHUR ... James Arthur (Syco).
JAMES ARTHUR ... James Arthur (Syco).

ISN’T it funny how the X Factor cannon suddenly springs to life at this time of year. It’s almost as though they time it to coincide with the Christmas market, not to mention the easy promotion of a new series.

In fairness, it’s clear both time and effort have been devoted to this debut from last year’s winner, which alone puts it a cut above most of its kind.

Its themes - including the Teessider’s struggles with drink, drugs and depression - are surprisingly deep too, and with the odd curse word slipping through you could even call it a tad risque.

We’re talking in relative terms of course.

The inevitable reality is that this record plagued by the usual pitiful, over-emotive vocal performances, and songs like Impossible, which conform to every negative stereotype you’d associate with reality TV music.

There have certainly been worse pop albums this year, but will the same effort be applied down the line, once the public has forgotten James Arthur’s name?

I probably don’t need to answer that. 4/10. AW