Album review: Little Mix’s DNA, track-by-track

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X FACTOR winners Little Mix release their debut album, DNA, on Monday. Here’s a track by track sneak peak, from Gazette reviewer Vicki Newman.

The song, all about ignoring the people that put you down, has firmly cemented the girls’ signature sound.

2 DNA: This song is epic. The subtle music and drums allow the girls’ voices to shine.

Again each girl has a solo, but this song demonstrates their stunning harmonies as they join for the chorus.

The pop song has an urban edge that shows how much the group has developed and grown.

3 Change Your Life: A brilliant song that shows off the individual musical tastes of Little Mix.

Leigh-Anne’s urban roots match perfectly with Jesy’s soulful voice, and the harmonies from Jade and Perrie transform it into a hit.

4 Always Be Together: This slows the album down and is a beautiful story of love and friendship.

It’s a different sound to the previous tracks, but still has the girls’ stamp on it.

5 Stereo Soldier: A different sound again. The range on the album so far is fantastic and should appeal to a wide mix.

This track speeds things up again, and some vocal tricks give it a distinctive sound.

6 Pretend It’s OK: A big ballad with a beautiful melody. Again this track seems to have been inspired by the girls’ different tastes, but they come together brilliantly.

It builds up to a big, powerful finish.

7 Turn Your Face: A slow and eerie ballad with a gorgeous sound.

The simple music, made up of piano and violins, is haunting and dramatic.

8 We Are Who We Are: This song speeds things up again and is a really uplifting tune about being happy with who you are.

It’s a great message to send to Little Mix fans.

9 How Ya Doin?: One of my favourite tracks on the album kicks off with great a cappella harmonies from the girls.

It has a funk feel to it and is one you can’t help but tap your feet to.

10 Red Planet (featuring T-Boz): The intro brings back memories of Little Mix’s performance of En Vogue’s Don’t Let Go on The X Factor.

The girls teamed up with TLC’s T-Boz. T-Boz’s rapping paired with Little Mix’s harmonies sound great.

11 Going Nowhere: The plucky guitar intro gives this song a Samba sound, and the lyrics, about kicking a bad boyfriend into touch, keep it current.

12 Madhouse: A great ending to the album. A big song with big attitude.

Overall, it’s a fantastic debut album that will firmly cement Little Mix’s place in the charts and give them a real identity as artists.

Vicki’s verdict: 9/10