ALBUM REVIEW: Madonna - Rebel Heart

MADONNA ... Rebel Heart (Interscope)
MADONNA ... Rebel Heart (Interscope)

THE Brit Awards “cape incident:” a genuine mishap, or a case of any publicity being good publicity?

Whatever the truth, that comical fall has certainly drummed up exposure ahead of Madonna’s 13th studio album, although in keeping with recent efforts the record itself is decidedly mixed.

Enlisting producers like Diplo, Avicii and Kanye West, the 56-year-old seems as committed as ever to retaining her pop crown, yet in spite of its title the best moments on Rebel Heart tend to be the safest.

With their risque nods to drugs and sex, Devil Pray and Holy Water are just about good enough to get away with.

The same, however, can’t be said for Unapologetic Bitch and Bitch I’m Madonna, whose brash, cringe-inducing EDM bear all the hallmarks of an artist desperate to stay afloat with modern trends.

You can’t help but wish she’s just be herself, but luckily the decent here just about outweighs the dire. 6/10. AW