ALBUM REVIEW: Meghan Trainor - Title

MEGHAN TRAINOR ... Title (Epic)
MEGHAN TRAINOR ... Title (Epic)

SHE may only be 21, but this Massachusetts singer has already attracted a considerable band of detractors - many of whom claim she’s taken the fast track to success by writing a song about her backside.

Whatever the rights and wrongs, it’s a ploy that’s worked wonders, with All About That Bass topping the UK Chart for a month last summer and shifting more than six million units worldwide.

It’s difficult to grasp how such an unremarkable song can become so inexplicably massive, but equally it’s worth noting her debut album isn’t worth the avalanche of stick it’s sure to encounter.

Taking its cues from ‘60s soul and doo-wop, Title is a brisk, insubstantial record which bows to close scrutiny yet is perfectly palatable as a form of light entertainment.

There’ll be better pop albums this year, and ones more deserving of its success, but I for one find it remarkably hard to hate. 6/10. AW