Album review: Mike Oldfield - Man On The Rocks

MIKE OLDFIELD ... Man On The Rocks (Virgin EMI)
MIKE OLDFIELD ... Man On The Rocks (Virgin EMI)

WITHOUT wanting to sound too forthright, it’s hard to envisage how Mike Oldfield’s 25th studio outing could be any more middle-of-the-road.

Radio (2)-tailored and beige enough to colour Gary Barlow’s lounge, songs like Following the Angels and Give Myself Away bear few hallmarks of a prog legend, and sadly conform to what fans have come to expect in this day and age.

Sure, there’s much to admire from a musical perspective, with vocalist Luke Spiller proving a fine foil for the 60-year-old’s usual array of steady builds and climatic solos.

Yet even in its best moments, Man On Rhe Rocks rouses little more than mild enjoyment.

It’s fine for a spin or two, but will inevitably gather dust soon thereafter. 5/10. AW