ALBUM REVIEW: Rae Morris - Unguarded

RAE Morris ... Unguarded (Atlantic)
RAE Morris ... Unguarded (Atlantic)

ALTHOUGH this is her debut album, this 21-year-old is already an established face within the industry, with numerous high-profile support and guest slots and a long-standing major label deal already to her name.

It’s not hard to see why either, as she ticks nearly all the boxes executives look for in a modern recording artist.

She’s young and marketable for one, with a voice whose breezy quality brings to mind a less-irritating Ellie Goulding, while her piano-based songs are full of sweeping arrangements and earnest emotions.

In fairness, there are times when they can draw you in, namely the excellent recent single Closer; but the overwhelming pattern is of music that’s safe, overproduced, and so beige it could paint a middle-class lounge.

With that in mind, it’s a wonder she was overlooked in the BBC’s Sound of ‘15 poll, but no matter, Unguarded is an album which, for better or worse, has all the hallmarks of a commercial success. 5/10. AW