ALBUM REVIEW: Richard Dawson - Nothing Important

RICHARD DAWSON ... Nothing Important (Weird World)
RICHARD DAWSON ... Nothing Important (Weird World)

HE’S been a fixture in and around Newcastle for some time, but in releasing this latest LP on Domino imprint Weird World it seems Richard Dawson is finally beginning to court a national audience.

That’s not to say he’s in any danger of going overground: Nothing Important consists of only four songs in 44 minutes, with two, its title track and The Vile Stuff, each exceeding 16.

It’s remarkable, then, that this all manifests in arguably his most approachable work to date, with those terrific extended cuts forming the bedrock of its appeal.

Set against a token scrappy guitar backdrop, Dawson’s hoarse voice is a shambolic yet powerful force, while his words add a personal touch to the usual graphic storytelling and pitch-black undertones.

It’s a perverse pleasure for sure, but his bohemian brilliance ensures that it’s one well worth pursuing. 8/10. AW