ALBUM REVIEW: The Fall - Sub-Lingual Tablet

THE FALL ... Sub-Lingual Tabvlet (Cherry Red Records).
THE FALL ... Sub-Lingual Tabvlet (Cherry Red Records).

For nearly 40 years, The Fall have been ploughing a unique musical furrow, with one constant: their leader Mark E. Smith.

They’re nothing if not prolific - this is their 31st studio album, and they have many more live releases and compilations.

Formed in 1976 in Manchester, they were one of the first post-punk bands, before punk’s initial wave had even burned out.

Their sound is - and has always been - based around repetition and often-jarring guitar lines.

The 11 tracks here are typical of The Fall - one or two gems buried among other songs which can be, at times, hard to listen to.

My favourites are the 10-minute-long Auto-Chip 2014-2016, Stout Man, which features some great guitar, and the angry Fibre Book Troll.

Most listeners - whether fans of old or recent converts - will find something of worth here. 7/10. GW