Album review: The Saturdays - Living For The Weekend

THE SATURDAYS ... Living For The Weekend (Fascination/Polydor)
THE SATURDAYS ... Living For The Weekend (Fascination/Polydor)

YOU’VE got to wonder how long it took The Saturdays to dream up that weak pun of an album title, though they and their production team do at least seem to have spent more time over its actual contents.

Their fourth effort in five years, Living For The Weekend opens strongly with a succession of singles: What About Us, Disco Love and Gentlemen - each of which is disposable, but devilishly catchy.

Inevitably this winning streak dissipates once you delve into the album’s bread and butter, although luckily the remaining material is inconsequential as opposed to horrid.

The only real misstep is Anywhere With You, which resorts to the “hire a (rubbish) rapper for the bridge” card that’s become such a cliché in modern pop.

Ok, it lacks personality in places, but it’s a better effort than many would expect from a group commonly - and on this evidence, unfairly - likened to a third-rate Girls Aloud. 6/10. AW