ALBUM REVIEW: The Ting Tings - Super Critical

THE TING TINGS ... Super Critical (Finca)
THE TING TINGS ... Super Critical (Finca)

WHAT was that? You didn’t know The Ting Tings have a new album out? Fear not - you’re hardly alone.

Without the backing of a major label, the duo’s third LP has slipped into release schedules virtually unnoticed, having been afforded next-to-nothing in the way of promotion.

It’s a shame in a way, because Super Critical actually isn’t all that bad, and certainly marks an improvement on its disastrous predecessor, Songs from Nowheresville.

That said, the hooks on offer remain wafer-thin, so while the likes of Wabi Sabi and Communication are easy enough to tap along to, there’s here nothing which leaves any lasting impression.

It won’t offend anyone, but it also clearly indicates why so few have cared beyond their first few singles. 6/10. AW