ALBUM REVIEW: The Wedding Present - Deluxe Reissues

THE WEDDING PRESENT ... Saturnalia (Edsel)
THE WEDDING PRESENT ... Saturnalia (Edsel)

DAVID Gedge’s band are one of the most enduring British indie outfits around, and Edsel have celebrated their legacy by releasing eight classic albums as 3CD/DVD sets.

George Best (1987), Tommy (1988), Bizarro (1989), Seamonsters (1991), The Hit Parade (1992), Watusi (1994), Mini (1995) and Saturnalia (1996) all receive the deluxe treatment.

All include the original album remastered, extensive BBC sessions and live material, plus promo videos and TV footage, and are essentials for the Weddoes completist.

Each fan will have their own favourite, and some will want to splash out on them all: Tommy, for example, gathers the first four singles, B-sides and radio sessions.

But it’s Saturnalia which struck a chord here, containing one of their finest songs in Kansas and their take on the theme from Cheers, Where Everybody Knows Your Name, like you’ve never heard it sound before. 8/10. GW