ALBUM REVIEW: Wolf Alice - My Love is Cool

Wolf Alice ... My Love is Cool (Dirty Hit).
Wolf Alice ... My Love is Cool (Dirty Hit).

This Camden quartet are one of 2015’s most-hyped newcomers, and with an excellent frontwoman in Ellie Rowsell and a healthy melodic sensibility they’ve got plenty going for them.

Alas, this debut album depicts a group who’re yet to find their niche, with their nostalgic ‘90s nuggets often lacking in cohesion.

Opener Turn To Dust, for instance, recalls the blissful mystique of the Cocteau Twins; Your Love’s Whore the layered grunge of the Smashing Pumpkins, while You’re A Germ’s bubblegum angst even bears regrettable proximity to Avril Lavigne.

However, that misstep aside, they’re more than competent across their multitude of styles - even if their writing talents are occasionally quashed by an overly-polished production job.

It’s a flawed debut, yet one which shows enough to hint that something bigger could be in store come album two or three. 7/10. AW