Hip-hop legend Grandmaster Flash to play North-East date

Hip-hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash is playing a rare gig at the O2 Academy in Newcastle.
Hip-hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash is playing a rare gig at the O2 Academy in Newcastle.

Hip-hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash is to play a rare North-East show next month.

The DJ, who is considered one of the innovators of the hip-hop scene, will be playing at the O2 Academy, Newcastle, on Thursday, October 1.

His career began in the tough Bronx area of New York in the 1970s at neighbourhood block parties which were the start of what would become a global phenomenon.

He was the first DJ to physically lay his hands on the vinyl and manipulate it in a backward/forward or counter-clockwise motion, marking it with crayon, fluorescent pen or grease pencil which became his compass.

At the end of the ‘70s he formed his own group, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, fomenting the musical revolution known as hip-hop.

Their pioneering union between one DJ and five rapping MCs becoming one of the first rap possees.

It allowed Flash to show off his unrivalled DJ skills with acrobatic performances, spinning and cutting vinyl with his fingers, toes, elbows and any object close to hand!

Their single The Message went Platinum, and they had other huge sellers with tracks like The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel, Superappin’ and Freedom.

Punk and new wave were introduced to Flash through Blondie, who immortalised him in their 1981 hit Rapture.

In 2007, he became the first DJ to be enrolled in the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall Of Fame, and he and the Furious Five became the first-ever hip-hop group to be inducted.

Flash also invented the Quick Mix theory, which included techniques such as the double-back, back-door, back-spin and phasing. This led to cuttin’, which in turn spawned scratching, transforming, the Clock Theory etc.

The Grandmaster continues to tour the world, wowing audiences with his turntable skills and hard-hitting sounds.

It promises to be a sensational show from one of music’s true legends.

Tickets for the Academy gig, which is over-18s only, are £18.56, including booking fees. They are on sale now HERE.