LIVE REVIEW: King Creosote, 6 Music Festival, The Sage Gateshead

IT’S less than a month since Fife songwriter Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote) last brought his majestic folk to The Sage.

But that didn’t prevent his faithful from flocking back as he kicked off the BBC 6 Music Festival’s final day.

And they’ll be glad they did, as his performance on the venue’s concourse stage was a very different proposition from January’s exertions in Hall 2.

For one, the 47-year-old brought along a completely different backing band, and what’s more his set was constructed firmly around last year’s sublime From Scotland With Love - complete with archive footage from the documentary it was written to soundtrack.

A glorious celebration of his nation’s 20th century heritage, its songs tell of ordinary working folk and the colourful lives they led; from the delightful fishwives’ tale Cargill to the chirpy seaside holidays of Largs and the inspirational reworked oldie Pauper’s Dough.

As compère Chris Hawkins attested, Anderson’s near-two-decade career has spawned more than 40(!) other albums, and pleasingly his half hour was rounded off with a dip into that humongous catalogue.

This allowed fan favourite My Favourite Girl its customary outing, and tonight it was joined by a joyous rendition of No One Had It Better, which ensured his slot closed on the most affable terms possible.

Over-exposure? Not a chance. With his songbook, King Creosote is welcome back at The Sage - or any other North-East venue - whenever he pleases.