Mogwai bring it all together on album number nine

Mogwai - Every Country's Sun (Rock Action Records).
Mogwai - Every Country's Sun (Rock Action Records).

Mogwai enter their third decade in the most prolific form of their career, intersecting studio LPs with a wealth of soundtrack and collaborative projects.

This broadening of their horizons by the Glasgow post-rock masters pays dividends on latest album Every Country's Sun, which effectively acts as an amalgamation of the sounds they've explored over recent years.

Whereas its direct predecessor, 2014's Rave Tapes, represented a stark electro-tinged departure, the disparate elements which make up their ninth album proper are incorporated in a far more subtle manner.

The result is some of the most nuanced and beautiful music they've ever created - even if their penchant for a goofy song title remains as strong as ever (see Coolverine, AKA 47 and Don't Believe The Fife).

Refinement may be the order of the day, but there are nevertheless occasions when the group elect to throw a complete curve ball into the mix.

Case in point is Party In The Dark, which belies their usual instrumental tropes with conventional chords and a chorus (yes, a chorus!) which borders on anthemic.

It's as close as they've ever come to a traditional pop number - though that's not half as surprising as the ease with which it slots in alongside the more traditional mixture of brooders and blissful face-melters.

It may lack the explosiveness for which they first gained notoriety, yet for Mogwai connoisseurs this record will come as their most accomplished and coherent for some time. 8/10.