REVIEW: Track-by-track look at Little Comets’ new album, Hope Is Just A State Of Mind

Little Comets are set to release their third album, Hope Is Just A State Of Mind.
Little Comets are set to release their third album, Hope Is Just A State Of Mind.

south Tyneside indie pop band Little Comets are set to release their third album the week after next.

The group, made up of Jarrow brothers Rob and Mickey Coles and Washington’s Matt Hall, are also heading out on tour to mark its release.

Hope Is Just A State Of Mind hits shelves on Monday, February 16, via The Smallest Label.

Lead singer and guitarist Rob said: “We feel really good now that we’ve finished the album, and it’s a bit of a weight off.

“We’re really happy with it, so we’re just looking forward to everyone hearing it and finding out what everyone thinks.

“It’s quite exciting to put the songs up online and get people’s reactions to them.

“It’s quite representative of our lives right now and our opinions about things.

“It’ll be good to look back on in 10 to 15 years time and remember what our lives were like back then.”

The Gazette has managed to get its hands on the 12-track album ahead of its release, and here’s our track-by-track review:

1: My Boy William

Don’t do what I did and turn the volume right up thinking that nothing’s happening because when the song kicks in after about 17 seconds, you’ll get a shock. After a slow, almost acappella beginning to the track, it kicks into a great, catchy tune that will have you immediately gripped. It also features the cute ramblings of a baby.

2: B&B

Gorgeous acappella harmonies from the trio kick off this track. Lead singer Rob’s unique vocals sound brilliant, and the song has a great beat. It seems to make a comment on the state of the economy.

3: The Gift Of Sound

The dual vocals on the verses of this track give it a brilliant eerie feel. The soft-sounding chorus really adds to that and the sound effects on the track are brilliant.

4: Formula

There are so many layers to this tune that just make it fantastic. It’s one that will stay firmly stuck in your head.

5: Little Italy

The title track of the band’s Little Italy EP is gorgeous. The music is quite minimalist at times, but then complicated-sounding guitar riffs reveal a whole new side to it.

6: The Daily Grind

This track shows off the band’s great on-point harmonies and focuses on the hardships of daily life. It also features gorgeous piano-playing.

7: Salt

Taken from the Salt And Its Gentle Corollary EP, this track picks the album back up again to a more upbeat tempo. The drumming is subtle, and effective and backing vocals really make for a great sound.

8: Effetism

The lyrics in Little Comets songs are often comple,x and this track is no different. This song sounds great and may also improve your vocabulary.

9: Wherewithal

The vocals in this song are brilliant, and the music is instantly memorable. It’s got a chorus that will quickly get people joining in at a gig, even if they haven’t heard the song before.

10: Fundamental Little Things

The smooth beat of this song will make for a great lighter-waving moment at gigs. The subtle drumming goes great with the more intricate guitar riffs.

11: Don’t Fool Yourself

The vocals on this track give it a sort of retro feel. It’s a great one to sing along to, and the quick bass riffs sound amazing.

12: The Blur, The Line And The Thickest Of Onions

Another track from the Little Italy EP and a fantastic ending to the album. The use of an organ gives it a really classic sound and an array of instruments make for some great music. Even more acappella singing shows off Rob’s voice.

Overall, the album is one I could listen to again and again. There’s a great mixture of sounds and tempos.

Just like the first two albums, it’s a really original compilation, laced with the band’s signature sound.

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Little Comets are set to play at Newcastle’s O2 Academy on Saturday, March 14.

Tickets cost £14.06, and doors open at 6pm. To book, go to or call the box office on 0844 477 2000.

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