The Xcerts take their cues from Petty, Springsteen and The Replacements

THE XCERTS ... play a rescheduled show at Think Tank at Digital in Newcastle.
THE XCERTS ... play a rescheduled show at Think Tank at Digital in Newcastle.

AN indie-rock band who have just finished a support stint with Twin Atlantic are belatedly heading to Tyneside as part of their own headline tour.

The Xcerts’ gig at Think Tank at Digital in Newcastle was originally due to take place in November, but had to be rescheduled due to the prestigious support slot.

They were formed in 2001 by 13-year-olds Murray Macleod and Jordan Smith, who met in the headmaster’s room at their school in Aberdeen.

Originally known as Double M and The Xcerts, their three-piece line-up was completed with the addition of Ross McTaggart on drums.

After relocating to Brighton to progress as a band in 2006, they parted ways with McTaggart, and replaced him with Tom Heron.

After a string of well-received EPs and singles, their debut album, In The Cold Wind We Smile, was released in 2009.

The follow-up, Scatterbrain, came out in 2010, and they spent the next few years writing new material and touring with the likes of Brand New, Manchester Orchestra and Taking Back Sunday.

Their latest record, There Is Only You, which was released last month, gave them their first taste of success, reaching No 96 in the UK album chart and No 8 in the rock chart.

“At the very end of touring Scatterbrain I had to take three months out because I perforated my eardrum,” said Macleod.

“I was deaf with incredibly loud tinnitus for about two and a half months. It was terrifying.

“But in that time I started studying classic rock records, or what’s deemed as classic.

“So I was looking at Damn The Torpedoes by Tom Petty, Born To Run (by Bruce Springsteen), and Tim by The Replacements.

“It just so happened that all those were their third records, which tied in with us feeling like we needed to make this life-changing record for ourselves.

“To me, the Tom Petty influence is pretty obvious on a few of the tracks, in terms of songwriting.

“He says so much by saying so little, and I wanted to try to do that, and really showcase our songwriting talents more than anything else.

“We love pop music, so we all really wanted to make this big pop record that actually put heart and emotion back into pop music, because we think it’s lacking severely.”

The Xcerts are at Think Tank at Digital on Monday, December 8. Tickets are £6.