Three common music festival phone fails - and how to avoid them

Festival-goers are hit by three common issues when their trusty smartphones meet with mud, crowds and tent life.
Festival-goers are hit by three common issues when their trusty smartphones meet with mud, crowds and tent life.

Thousands of music lovers are heading to Reading and Leeds festivals this weekend.

And apart from the weather, you can bet one of their main concerns will be how to get their best out of their mobile phones.

Statistics show 20% of festival-goers spend more than three hours a day on their phone as they watch their favourite acts.

And they are hit by three common issues when their trusty smartphones meet with mud, crowds and tent life.

Here they are, along with essential tips on avoiding them from e2save’s Andrew Cartledge, to ensure your phone lasts as long as you do:

1. Low battery (suffered by 70% of festival-goers)

Low battery can be annoying at the best of times, but it’s even worse when you’re in the middle of a field without a plug socket in sight.

Ensure your phone goes the distance by disabling all non-essential features and using the battery saving function built into most handsets.

Turn off your location service, reduce the brightness of the screen and disable as many notifications as possible to give your smartphone a well-deserved rest and ensure your battery lasts beyond the first day of the festival!

Alternatively, if you can tear yourself away from social media for a few days while you are there, a cheaper, no frills handset could be the answer to battery life problems.

The Nokia 150 and Nokia 216 both have a decent battery life that should see you through.

2. Running out of storage space (34% of festival-goers)

If you want to store videos of your favourite bands or get the perfect squad photo, the dreaded ‘no storage’ notification could quickly become your worst enemy.

If you have an Android phone, purchase a microSD card before you go to make room for those must-have festival pics.

A 32GB card will store around 4,500 photos, but this will differ depending on the file size of your smartphone’s photos, and you’ll need to check your phone’s overall storage capacity before making a purchase.

Apple users don’t have this perk, but there are ways you can free up storage space on your iPhone before you go, and deleting apps is a good place to start.

To find out which apps are guzzling your storage space, go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage, then tap Manage Storage, which will list apps in order of the amount of space they take up.

Go through the list and be ruthless - you can always download them again later.

For those who are running really low, there is one more trick you can use to free up space.

Go to the iTunes store from your phone, find a large HD film and double tap “Rent”.

Your iTunes account won’t be charged to rent the film, but your iPhone will recognise it doesn’t have enough space, and will clear out some unneeded caches and app data to make room. Sneaky!

3. Smashed screen (26% of festival-goers)

With all the barging and pushing to the front of the crowd, smashed screens can become a common occurrence during festival season.

To avoid phone casualties, invest in a decent case and screen protector before you go - cases with extra grip or a raised lip that stops your screen from coming into contact with the floor should you drop it, are all sound investments.

If you don’t have it already, ensuring you have good insurance will help put your mind at rest if you do accidentally damage or lose your phone, meaning more time to enjoy the music and less time worrying about your smartphone!

Andrew Cartledge at e2save said: “Smartphones and festivals go hand in hand.

"Whether you are calling a friend who couldn’t get tickets so they can hear their favourite band, or capturing those Instagrammable memories, phones are an essential part of the festival experience - which makes it all the more annoying when you have to deal with battery burnout or a broken screen!

“Avoid smartphone woes by stocking up on a decent portable charger at the very least, to keep your phone running for longer, and consider investing in a cheaper handset which you won’t mind losing or damaging. It’ll save you a lot of heartache in the long run!”