WATCH: Collabro star Jamie Lambert on the craziest year of his life

EVERYTHING changed for Jamie Lambert in 2014.

The former South Tyneside District Hospital worker, who shot to stardom when his classical boy band Collabro were crowned champions of Britain’s Got Talent in June, was back at his old workplace yesterday to meet former colleagues.

Callabro star Jamie Lambert with his mum Lorraine Lambert who is Chief Exec. South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust, during his visit to South Tyneside District Hospital on Friday.

Callabro star Jamie Lambert with his mum Lorraine Lambert who is Chief Exec. South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust, during his visit to South Tyneside District Hospital on Friday.

During the last year, the 25-year-old – along with bandmates Michael Auger, Richard Hadfield, Matthew Pagan and Thomas J Redgrave – has sung at the Royal Variety Performance and seen his debut album, Stars, soar to No1 in the charts and reach gold status.

In 2015, Jamie, who worked in the supplies department at the hospital in Harton Lane, South Shields, and his band are set to tour the country, release a book and work on a second album.

Jamie, whose mother is South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust chief executive, Lorraine Lambert, said: “It’s fair to say that 2014 was the craziest year of my life. I went from auditioning for shows in London to suddenly being shipped around the world and being on a national talent competition and it was a fantastic year.

“In many ways, even though it’s a cliché to say, it’s been a dream come true because I’d always wanted it and anybody who knows me or has seen me performing in the borough will know that I’ve always wanted to do something with musical theatre and singing and to be doing it as a career is an amazing thing.”

Jamie, who hails from Washington, added: “It was an incredible year and we’ve just found out that we’re in the top 40 best selling albums of 2014, which is incredible, we’ve sold over 200,000 copies in the UK alone, so we’re really, really pleased.

“It’s just a list of achievements as long as my arm have come within six months and it’s been hectic and busy and absolutely fantastic.

“We’ve got the tour coming up now, we’re coming to Newcastle City Hall, and it’s a full UK tour that is pretty much sold out which is amazing.

“We’ve got a book coming out in March called Our Story, which is our individual stories, so that’ll be an interesting thing for people in the borough to read.”

“There’s a lot of things coming up. We’re in talks for our second album, we’ve had a few demos made, and we’re hoping to go international, to America and Australia and other places. We were in Hong Kong last year and we charted in a few countries in Asia.

He added: “It’s been brilliant coming back to the hospital. I worked here on and off for six years and the last year I was here for 10 months, and I absolutely love it.

“I worked really hard and I love this hospital and I think people in this borough are incredibly lucky to have such a fantastic NHS on our doorstep.

“In a time when people are constantly criticising the NHS, I think it’s important to remember that we’ve got a fantastic community hospital here where people can be treated for free and not have to travel far, and I think that’s a really special thing.

“Coming back, it’s like a big family, and everyone here knows each other since it’s quite a small hospital. It’s special to be back here because I spent so much time here, and a bit surreal.

“I don’t feel like Jamie from Collabro here, I feel like Jamie from supplies.”

Jamie is performing at Newcastle City Hall with Collabro and special guest Lucy Kay on Thursday, February 26.

Tickets cost from £21.50. To book, go to or call 277 8030.

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