My Own Show, By Lesley Bruce, Cleadon Village Drama Club

THIS play was first performed at the Scarborough Theatre where most of Sir Alan Ayckbourn's work originated.

So it is hardly surprising that it is somewhat similar to Sir Alan's works; in other words, a drama with a strong contemporary story with many funny moments.

The story concerns four women, three of whom are old friends.

These ladies all attended the same school, the three forming a little gang. The fourth woman was an outcast at school.

The gang's unkindly activity towards the outcast is now to come home to roost.

Fay is the presenter of a TV chat show. Gillian and Jude are the other two in the trio, their backgrounds are more gradually revealed.

Fay is played by Kathleen Dodds, her first appearance at Cleadon Drama Club for many years.

This absence has been Cleadon's loss as she takes her part here in a remarkably convincing manner.

Katherine Brown and Sheila O'Neil complete the trio in accomplished style.

The fourth woman, Bollards, acted by Dolores Poretta Brown, requires an actress of experience and control. Dolores has both, and gives an outstanding performance.

The last character, Alan, who is Bollard's son, has the smallest part in the play.

Steven White, who portrays Alan in his first play with the group, creates an indelible impression, both by his few, but so effective words, and his body language.

Michael Gallagher, so well known at the Westovians, produces his first play at the venue, and what a great job he has made of it.

Right through the piece, it's obvious a strong guiding hand has been at the helm.

Audiences are in for a treat, a good story with a surprising conclusion played in a very confident, skilful style.

* My Own Show is showing until Saturday.