Review: Richard Herring, The Stand, Newcastle

LOVE STORIES ... Richard Herring.
LOVE STORIES ... Richard Herring.

Comedian Richard Herring tackled religion in his last show, while his new one focuses on love.

He thinks both concepts are the same – blind acts of faith which millions of people cling on to.

And the show – called What is Love Anyway? after the Howard Jones song – sets out to find whether love is real or just a delusion.

It comes as 44-year-old Herring enters the fifth year of his first meaningful relationship, and finds him wondering whether it has any chance of surviving.

It is the anecdotes from his previous failed relationships and stabs at finding love that provide the laughs.

Those who know Herring will be well aware of his nerdy, pedantic style, and often his delivery is what makes it funny.

Making fun of his own awkwardness is a well-worn path for Herring, but when he does it with such style, it is easy to forgive.

I found the eventual climax a little underwhelming, but the piece about a Ferrero Rocher-based Valentine’s gesture gone wrong was fantastic, and summed up Herring’s lyrical style.

While I didn’t feel that strongly about his latest offering, I was fond of it.