Reviewed: Unreal

THE Customs House has linked up with Tyneside production company Cloud Nine for a three-year writing partnership that gives budding writers the chance to shine.

Director Jackie Fielding is always worth checking out. She puts her stamp of quality on Unreal, which comprises three one-act plays from aspiring writers.

There's such promise here, we could be seeing tomorrow's theatrical big hitters.

First up was Alison Carr's Second Most Disappointing. Set at The Angel Of The North during a bickering stepfather and daughter's day out, it is a surreal story that provides laughs.

Double Nuts, by Louise Gallagher, is set in a mental health institute where a patient plans her escape. Again.

Joe McLaughlin's Mind Games is a dark piece that takes place in a gents' toilet during an engagement party.

Chris Connel is in all three plays. While a consummate comedy performer, his dark side is superb and he brings out Louis Roberts' talents.

Tracy Gillman and Christina Berriman Dawson complete the great cast.