Thar she blows! - 20 Phrases you’ll need for International Talk Like a Pirate Day

The Jolly Roger flag.
The Jolly Roger flag.

Ahoy there, mateys! Saturday, September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

If you don’t want to end up sounding like a landlubber on the most piratey day of the year these 20 words and phrases will help you sound like and old sea dog.

Ahoy! – Hello!

Avast ye! – Pay attention!

Aye! – Yes!

Aye aye captain! – What to say when the captain tells you to do something (then do it quickly!)

Batten down the hatches! - Get the ship ready for a storm.

Blimey! – What a pirate says when they’re surprised.

Blow the man down - To kill someone.

Booty – Pirate treasure.

Crow’s nest – The small platform at the top of a ship’s mast for a lookout.

Cutlass – The type of sword used by pirates.

Fire in the hole! – The warning before you fire a cannon.

Grog – What a pirate drinks.

Hornswaggle – To cheat someone.

Landlubber – A person who is not used to being at sea.

Pieces of eight – Pirate coins.

Pillage – To steal something.

Scurvy dog – A pirate insult.

Seadog – An old pirate or sailor

Shiver me timbers! – What a pirate says when they’re even more surprised than blimey!

Thar she blows! – What to say when you see a whale spout.