Curtain goes up on ‘inspirational’ musical The Dolly Mixtures

From left, Dolly Mixtures creatives Tom Kelly, Ray Spencer and John Miles.
From left, Dolly Mixtures creatives Tom Kelly, Ray Spencer and John Miles.

The team behind a heart-warming musical based on a true story is gearing up for its premiere performance.

The Dolly Mixtures opens tonight at the Customs House in Mill Dam, South Shields.

The show, written by award-winning playwright and poet Tom Kelly and music star John Miles, tells the story of a group of eight women who set up a variety group and raised £100,000 when one of their husbands was diagnosed with cancer.

Director Ray Spencer said: “The whole team is amazing, but they always had to be to be able tell The Dolly Mixtures’ story. I’ve worked with Tom and John on three previous musicals and they have this real ability to touch the heart.

“On this occasion I’ve also worked with the gifted Mina Anwar as assistant director and choreographer and Dave Bintley as musical director. Together, with an exceptional cast, they have produced a truly special show.”

Mina, who appeared in BBC sitcom The Thin Blue Line, added: “I am so proud and honoured to be invited by Ray to be choreographer and assistant director for this wonderful musical. It’s such a heart-warming story, which we hope everyone will enjoy.

“The cast, crew and creatives have worked so hard to bring to the Customs House a glorious tribute to the real Dolly Mixtures.”

Also behind the scenes are costume designer Paul Shriek, lighting designer John Rainsforth, set designer David Wilkinson, and make-up and hair designer Karen Cummings.

The show runs until Saturday, September 3 and tickets cost from £15. To book, go to or call the box office on 0191 454 1234.