Preview: Granddaughter beings spooky stories to life on the stage

Sally Pomme Clayton in Night Visit. Photo by Fotis Begklis.
Sally Pomme Clayton in Night Visit. Photo by Fotis Begklis.

Times might be strange, but the past can be even stranger as one women shows when as she brings family tales back from beyond.

Night Visit, to be performed at Northern Stage in Newcastle on Thursday, promises “a séance of stories, sounds, images - summoning ghosts.”

The show is led by Sally Pomme Clayton, who recalls hearing stories told to her as a youngster,

She said: “I’d heard my Grandfather’s stories of spirits many times, but they were so strange, I was never sure if I’d really heard them, exaggerated them, or invented them myself.”

The storyteller recounts her family’s experiences with spiritualism, merging it with biography, myth, history and recollections of dreams as she works them together with recordings of her grandfather.

The play traces the cultural history of spiritualism from the 1800s, when science and photography tried to capture the invisible, moving on to the mass bereavement of two World wars.

It also builds on the “dazzling visions” of 18th century philosopher and mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg.

Musician Panos Ghikas has added in “dark and vibrant sounds” while images are manipulated live by filmmaker Fotios Begklis.

Together, the show’s team promises to “conjure up a séance of spoken word, film and music.”

An app has been created to run alongside the show and includes documents, sounds and film clips and is available via the theatre’s website HERE.

Tickets for the show, which starts at 7.30pm, are £9 and £7 for concessions.