Review: Magic Gala Show, South Tyneside International Magic Festival, The Customs House, South Shields

MIND READERS ... The Evasons performed at the Magic Gala Show.
MIND READERS ... The Evasons performed at the Magic Gala Show.

MIND-BLOWING tricks and reality-bending illusions left an audience at The Customs House shocked and stunned.

The Gala Show, part of the South Tyneside International Magic Festival, boasted an international line-up of some of magic’s biggest names.

Whether it was card tricks, big illusions, or glow-in-the-dark hula hoops, the crowd absolutely ate it up.

The event was compered by magician John Archer who used his quick wit and silver tongue to keep the crowd entertained before each act.

The night was kicked off by Victorian time-travelling magicians Morgan and West who pulled a spectacular double bluff on the crowd.

A card trick, using an audience member, had us thinking we were in on the joke all along, but the duo left everyone stunned when the real trick was revealed.

The pair had everyone chuckling and even inspired shocked gasps as they made items appear and disappear in the blink of an eye.

John Lovick - also known as Handsome Jack - was up next. The American wasn’t quite what people were expecting to see when the curtain went back.

The name Handsome Jack paints a certain picture and the magician wasn’t exactly the image I’d conjured up in my head.

The character is so arrogant that it’s hilarious and his tricks were just fantastic.

He also used members of the audience to execute some of his illusions. He was wickedly funny.

Guy Barrett ended the first act - with the help of two beautiful assistants - with a trio of big illusions.

He tickled the funny bones of audience members as he moved his assistant’s body parts around in seemingly impossible ways, and when his own torso was turned upside down.

Hula hoop performer Stephanie kicked off the second act.

The stage was cloaked in darkness as Stephanie used UV lights to illuminate herself and her hula hoops.

She impressed everyone with her skills and the clever illusions created by the lights.

American mind-reading couple The Evasons closed the night.

Jeff and Tessa Evason left everyone completely gobsmacked as they delved into minds, pulling out the information they needed.

It’s absolutely impossible to explain how they did what they did.

Tessa, on stage with her eyes closed and at times blindfolded, would say the name of the person Jeff pointed out in the audience, or she’d name an object somebody pulled out of their pocket.

She could also tell you a number saved in your phone and who it would call, the serial number on a £10 note, or your full name as printed on your driving license.

The couple were nothing short of amazing and it’s hard to wrap your head around the things they did.

The entire audience was left scratching their heads.

This was the 11th year of the magic festival and I already can’t wait for next year.

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