REVIEW: Steffen Peddie: 99 Problems and the Chips Aren’t One, The Stand, Newcastle

Steffen Peddie
Steffen Peddie

I wouldn’t usually review two dates in the same tour, but this show is so unique that every time is like the first time.

Comedian Steffen Peddie – who you may recognise as Big Keith from BBC2 sitcom Hebburn – takes audience participation to a whole new level with his latest stand up show.

99 Problems and the Chips Aren’t One sees audience members secretly write down questions and problems before the show has begun.

Peddie then asks someone to read out the questions as he does his bit to answer them.

A problem shared is a problem halved, as they say, and this show certainly has that at its heart.

Because of the nature, the show is very reliant on the crowd and the questions they come up with.

Some didn’t seem to understand the concept of a comedy gig and asked some very peculiar things, but Peddie brushed them off and kept things light.

The comic was asked to solve age-old problems like ‘what came first, the chicken or the egg?’ and other conundrums like how to stop your drunk mate falling out the door.

Things got a little philosophical as well with people asking what Peddie would ask God if they ever met.

The quick-witted comic displayed a remarkable ability to think on his feet and relate people’s questions back to moments from his own life.

His tales of watching Homes Under The Hammer, trying to be in the crowd on Antiques Roadshow, visiting Tynemouth Market and using the Tyne Tunnel change booth to get £60 worth of coins were an absolute riot and had everyone clutching their sides.

You could go to every night of this tour with a guarantee of fresh tales to make you chuckle.

Peddie really has found a wonderful formula here and the reason behind the name of the show gives it a heartwarming ending.

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